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Indian Eating Culture -the ultimate Immunity Booster!

Deserted streets, stranded play grounds, idle offices---- the world standstills at the awakening of a Pandemic. In the heart of this calamity lies a subliminal message for the mankind that Health is Everything!

As it is crucial to work for your health it is even more appropriate that this task should be simple and in sync with our daily routine.

While scrolling through this write up we shall realise the bearing of the Indian diet in immunity boosting.

1. Mealpatterns

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner are the 3 major meals , planning snacks in between meals can work wonders for your hormonal balance.

Indians do have many snacking options owing to the diversification. Every kitchen has its own unique and nourishing cultural recipe. To name a few- Dhokla , Khandvi, Patra, Kothambher vadi, Usal- missal, Chana Chaats, Khakra and so on. These can be prepared in minimal fat, have a decent amount of protein,fair amount of fibre and gives satiety.

2. MealComposition

As Indians we are known to consume low proteins. This nutrient tops the list when it comes to boosting immunity. We do have recipes that can provide us with our requirement of protein.

 Dals are an integral part of our meals which are a good source, combining it with plain rice or as a khichdi completes the protein profile making it all the more beneficial. Soya bean is a great source of protein and can be a part of the diet in many forms. Non vegetarians have varied options from egg to chicken to fish!!

 Fibre has great many benefits in terms of your digestion that has a strong link to immunity.

 Millets are gaining popularity in the west in the recent times, for India it has been a part of our cuisines since we have known food. Maharashtrians in the west have it in the form of bhakris, down south Sajja roti is a delicacy which is made from bajra. These local crops are a great source of fibre and can work wonders for your health.

 A simple habit of using stone ground wheat flour can also keep the fibre content at check!

 Remember the times when as kids before leaving for school almonds and walnuts were forced down our throats?? Well its time to fetch these nuts again as they have the good fats that aids in keeping infections at bay. Oilseeds like flax seeds ( Alsi), safflower (Karad) were traditionally pounded to make dry accompaniments with meals. These too are source of fats that are beneficial for your body.

3. Accompaniments

Having accompaniments with main meals is like the Indian thing. This tansy eating habit can incorporate a burst of functional foods in the diet.

 A simple habit of having curd, buttermilk or raita alongside meals is a great way to keep the gut healthy.

 Omitting the salt and oil from the traditional pickles, making it with vegiies, lemon juice, whole turmeric, ginger or garlic can strengthen immunity and give a flush of antioxidants.

 Salads are also a very traditional Indian slider, be it a few mint leaves and onion with kebabs or chewing a cucumber ( kakdi) on a hot sunny day. These too are a great way to enhance your nutrient intake and should be an inevitable part of daily meals.

 Fruits should be had daily as a whole rather than in juice form. This keeps your body’s metabolic stress levels at check.

 The ancestral recipes of concoctions (Kadhas) are pass down to generations and they have much more depth than sentimental values. Carom seeds, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cloves are some of the common ingredients and are now being recognised as immunity fuels!

It is in such times of paucity we apprehend that the goal of attaining health and

building immunity is just a simple food ingredient away that maybe lying in the kitchen cabinet being overlooked.

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