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Fibre - Your Friend

Dietary Fibre is that ingredient of the diet That is not digested in the Small intestine

It is fermented by the bacteria in the large intestine which has enormous health benefits!

A daily intake of 30 g of Fibre shall ensure an array of health benefits!! How to do this ??

Have at least 2 servings of Fruits

Apple, Pear can be had with skin after thorough washing!

Incorporate salads in meals carrots, beetroot, raddish, tomatoes

Have whole grain preparations

Bajra roti, ragi Idli , jowari bhakri

You can also include wheat bran in the Whole Wheat flour to make Chapatis!

Have whole pulses , germination is also a way to include these as salads, Chaat or even gravies!!! P.S. To keep bloating and constipation at bay ensure a good water intake along with FIBRE!!

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