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Immunity Boosting Tips for Elderly

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Ageing is programmed wearing out of body cells. Indian cut off for elderly is 60 years and above

Effects of ageing: 1) Reduced muscle mass 2) Compromised immunity 3) Compromised digestion 4) Loss of taste and thirst sensation

How do we age gracefully ? 1) Wholesome diet 2) Active lifestyle 3) Indulge in a hobby In these times of a biological calamity- Covid-19 it becomes absolute to safeguard the immunity of our elderly Gems to boost immunity

Proteins Vegetarian sources Include 2-3 servings in a day 1) Milk, curd, paneer 2) Dals, sprouts, well cooked beans Non vegetarian sources Include atleast 1 serving a day 1) Eggs 2) Fish 3) Chicken Vitamin D Add atleast 1 serving in a day 1) Fortified milk, egg yolk, fortified curd Vitamin A Add 2-3 serving a day 1) Butter (preferred unsalted) 2) Palm oil, egg 3) fresh papaya,mango 4) fresh leafy vegetables 5) carrot, pumpkin Folate Add 2 servings a day 1) Cooked wheat germ 2) well cooked beans and dals 3) freshly cooked leafy vegetables 4) citrus fruits Vitamin B6 Add 1 serving a day 1) Daliya, wheat flour 2) potato, banana 3) Nuts 4) dals, chicken, fish Zinc 1) Dals and beans 2) black til- 1 tsp a day 3) halim dana - 1 tsp a day 4) Nuts- 5-6 in number Selenium Add atleast 1 serving a day 1) wheatflour 2) chana 3) fish, egg, chicken 4) moong, toor, chana dal Probiotics Add atleast 1 serving a day 1) curd 2) fermented cabbage, cauliflower, raddish Prebiotics Add atleast 1 serving a day 1) raw garlic, raw banana 2) rice kanji, wheat bran 3) lemon grass Fluid 1) Use boiled water 2) Add atleast 2-3 litres fluid a day 3) this includes soups, kanji, juices Antiviral foods 1) Ginger, garlic, turmeric 2) Tulsi, neem Physical activity 1) Researchers prove that staying active is a single factor known to boost immunity in the elderly 2) Low intensity exercises for atleast 30 minutes a day can be life changing 3) Yoga proves to improve digestion

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