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Healthy eating- Because it matters!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

The 21st century’s Misses and Misters live in a time that is predominantly influenced by three questions,

How I look? What I wear? What I eat?

You eat the food that appeals to your taste buds, you wear what makes you feel confident and these demeanours dictate your mood. Eventually it is the food we consume for survival, that dictates your being.

A mind – boggling quote reads, “The food we eat can be the most powerful form of drugs or the slowest form of poison”

Therefore, it is inescapably important to make “Smart choices”. There is no Must eat and Must Not eat list and there should be none. It’s all about the balance we create with the choices we make. So let’s critique our lifestyle briefly and mend the dents that are quintessential

Stress isn’t appetizing

We live in a stressful era, stress for studies, stress to earn, and stress to survive. We are almost close to “Survival of the most stressed” kind of a time. We stress in view of making our life comfortable but paradoxically we burden our health in the process. Stress most of the times induce hunger by bringing about a hormonal change in the body eventually leading to stressful eating also known as binge eating. A stressful eater often craves high sugar and unhealthy foods.

Quick fix:

Indulge in activities that relax you, be it a sport, music or a good read.

Do what you enjoy and make it Your time of the day.

Notice when you are binge eating! Stop!Think!Act!

Identify what stresses you out. Avoid!

Sleep is eternally nourishing

Unusual, delayed, less sleep makes our body hungry in the same way as stress does. Delayed sleeping causes the body to act in a way that it would during the day, leading to night eating syndrome. Needless to say night eaters do not eat healthy but the opposite.

Quick fix:

Make a sleeping pattern that is harmonious to the way your body wants.

Create an ambiance that will make your sleep a sound one

The first one will take time. If you are a night owl make sure to keep healthy snack options handy. These can be Nuts, Fruits, A glass of milk,Chana.

A pinch of cinnamon in milk or warm water is a wondrous ingredient to ensure you go to bed on time.

It’s not just about What? but also How? and How much? you eat:

Portion sizes is a major factor in mindful eating. Massive amounts eaten in a go are surely to be avoided. Simply as it adds on to the caloric intake of one meal gradually adding to the day’s total intake. Eating in quantities raises sugar levels relatively faster than smaller meals. Food is meant to be chewed on and not gobbled down.

Quick fix:

“Eat how they would in France and stay healthy like a French” This is what scientists call the “French Paradox”

Eat your fruits and Veggies well! Eat Small portions at a time, eat frequently and chew on your food well. Eating frequently psychologically makes you feel full. Chewing secretes saliva which aids in digestion. Interestingly if you chew a bite well you shall eat less.

Example: Eat your meal up to 3/4th stomach full , fill 1/4th space post an hour or so with fruits or a glass of buttermilk or a fistful of nuts.

Irregularities in meals are unhealthy and give substandard nourishment to the body. Set your eating regime with your major meals and snacking timings more or less similar everyday.

Keep the body moving

This is the sacred rule for good health. It is also the least favorite of many. But the gospel truth is without being active the goal of fitness will remain an unaccomplished one.

Quick fix:

Indulge in 30 mins Zumba

40 minutes walk + 20 minutes Jog.

Go for power yoga for 45 minutes to soothe yourself

Play Badminton or Tennis or any sport of your liking for 40 minutes.

An hour walk on the treadmill or otherwise is always an option.

Inferring the above lifestyle elements we realize that the essence of healthy living is simplicity. You might not essentially fill your kitchen cabinets with gourmet foodstuffs or indulge in a fancy workout regime. All you need are humble changes in your everyday routines that will build up your fitter self.

The health anthem is live stress free, feast on your smart choices and keep yourself active!

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